2017 Summer Solstice

Well here we are; the longest day of the year has come and gone: With it; The feeling of perpetual time-loss and general influx of social and community gatherings and events.

At Highland Gem Farm, we are but two people giving it our all, every day. Though it feels strange to be slogging through the chores daily without ever looking back, to a time not long ago, where we were embracing the growth of our business wholeheartedly. I know I speak for both of us when I say the time of realization that this is as large as we can handle has occurred!

This is no negative thing however, it is great to finally understand that if we take on any more it will certainly be too much. I personally feel lucky to have such a loving, communicative partner to share this milestone with and although it may not make sense to a lot of the readers of this post, I know the other farmers will appreciate the acknowledgement of balance that now occurs until the end of the season. 

So... We've hit the peak! 

Chickens are in tractors, Pigs on pasture (trained to electric), eggs are flowing out of the new super-coop, veggies are booming in the gardens (first feed of peas last night!!!) Guard-dog is out every night keeping the predators away, Erin is busy, I am busy. Life is good ( I even found some time to write to you all.)


Cheers until next time.


Erin Richan