Spring 2017


The greens are in cold frames, the pigs just hit the pasture and are quickly learning about electric fence. The Market in Perth has been registered and our stall has moved to an ideal location that we can drive into. So far things are looking good! Oh spring optimism! It seems every year as farmers and gardeners alike we have all these plans to plant and grow everything we can. Just wait until mid-season, I say. It will become evident what is working for us and what needs to be changed to work or removed from the business plan altogether.

We had the opportunity to do a promo video with The Two Rivers Food Hub, in Smiths Falls. First time on T.V. for me! Quite exciting, I was assured there was very little footage that would "make the cut" as the director said.

As well, We went to The Table, our local community food-awareness and education center to give a presentation about the benefits and challenges of being young farmers in eastern Ontario. It is an after-school program for young kids to learn about food, nutrition and the concept of eating locally. Mostly they played with the "dirt" (as they called my soil samples) and ate the various veggies that we had brought in. Oh to be young again!

I had a chance to go to the bird auction in McDonalds Corners in search of a rooster to accompany the new laying hens coming mid-June. I did not find one; However, as has happened many times at the auction, an acquaintance had purchased a rooster by accident and has donated him to the cause. I named him "Kevin", still unsure why but I guess sometimes the name just chooses the bird. Kevin is a wyandotte, he has a rose-comb and a hearty crow throughout the day. I think he will do fine in his lifelong quest for being the "cock-on-the-block".

Until next time,