Starting out

Highland Gem Farm has seen a plethora of goals realized since its inception as a farm business in January of 2017. So far, we have purchased our seed inventory for the forthcoming year and secured a contract with a local greenhouse to get our vegetable crops underway. Our latest run of pork has safely landed home from the abattoir and is selling rapidly due to a number of new and returning customers, as well as some fancy postcard-esq brochures. Perhaps most surprisingly, ham roasts are flying out the door as fast as we can take the calls and package the orders.

Erin has been very busy since her knee surgery keeping the books of the farm and calculating production costs and unit prices for this season. She has also discovered her talent for writing grant proposals and has secured a modest amount of start-up capital to grow our operations on the two properties that we are running.

I have been similarly busy handling our transportation and equipment maintenance and delivering to our customers. Cleaning the barns and planning for the incoming summer pigs and chickens, as well as tending the layers that are keeping the beat on the egg production front.

Together we have begun to achieve the things that this time last year we were only dreaming of. Having minor moments to reflect on this, I feel grateful to have come so far and now to have an outlet on our brand new website, so that you, our readers and supporters of farming, as well as I, can take a few minutes and see what is going on today at Highland Gem Farm.

I look forward to the many passages to come on Highland Gems’ very own, blog! 

Until next time,